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Edgewood unveils new Cheer Facility

Story by Griffin Pritchard | Publisher

Photos by Brian Tannehill | Director of Photography

ELMORE, ALABAMA – Cheerleading has always been a point of pride at Edgewood Academy, constantly competing at the top level within the Alabama Independent School Association. On Friday – surrounded by friends, family and past pep stars – Edgewood opened doors to the Roy and Patti Davis Cheer Facility.

“This facility means so much to us,” said Abbie Davis, daughter of the namesake and current Wildcats Cheer Coach. “Edgewood cheerleading, Edgewood in general, has been a part of my family since literally the day I was born. Having this space for these girls who sometimes don’t get considered athletes, gives us a chance to go forward and grow with our program.”

The idea was originally conceived around four years ago by then-cheer coach Patti Davis due to the female Wildcats having to share practice facilities – volleyball, basketball and cheer all used the same gymnasium and the same weight room. By creating this facility, the common-use problem is, for the most part, remedied.

“When it all came together finally, we thought there wasn’t a better family to name it after for all their years of work and dedication to the cheer program and this school,” said Chad Davidson, who is a member of Edgewood’s Board of Directors and a part of the Wildcats Athletic Club.

The facility is located next to the Edgewood Gym and gives the cheer program 2,000 square feet of practice space to tumble, tuck and build. 

“This was well and very much needed,” said Patti Davis. “This gives them space to grow their program.”

But ultimately though, creating this further shows the familial ties found within the Edgewood Academy Community.

“My dad passed in October,” said Abbie Davis. “Having us up here, he knew that if we weren’t at home we were up here (at Edgewood) doing what we loved. Our world revolved around cheerleading and his three girls were involved in it, so he loved cheerleading. Anything the school needed Dad was going to help out with because it was so special to us. If it wasn’t for the love of my dad, my mom wouldn’t be able to do what she did. Having their name on this facility keeps their legacy alive for us, for years to come.”

Founder/Publisher of Central Alabama Scoreboard. Former sportsguy, managing editor, currently working for the City of Tallassee as a Public Information Specialist and grant writer.

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