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Tallassee wins four in two days, set for Senior Night showdown

Story by Griffin Pritchard | Publisher

Photos Courtesy Tallassee Wrestling

CENTRAL ALABAMA SCOREBOARD OFFICE — The Tallassee High Tigers improved to 27-1 in duals with a senior night showdown set for Thursday against archrival Reeltown. Over the course of 48 hours the Tallassee scored dual wins over Shelby County (44-29), Pike Road (57-18), St. James (47-33) and Stanhope Elmore (64-18).

The feat was met with gratitude from longtime coach John Mask: “I was very impressed with our effort and attitude. We have been working on being more aggressive in the neutral position and I think we really had an awesome night.”

Tallassee vs. Shelby County Results:

·         106: NICK SYKES (SHCO) over Rutland Phillips (TALL) (SV-1 5-3)

·         113: Mason Nelson (TALL) over Garrett Slaughter (SHCO) (Fall)

·         120: Brendan Emfinger (TALL) over Charlie Hall (SHCO) (Fall)

·         126: CALEB MOONEY (SHCO) over Troupe Cresswell (TALL) (Fall)

·         132: Land Bell (TALL) over COLE RIGNEY (SHCO) (Fall)

·         138: Russell Phillips (TALL) over Logan Loyd (SHCO) (Fall)

·         145: Ethan Jones (TALL) over CONNER RIGNEY (SHCO) (Dec 12-10)

·         152: COLE SYKES (SHCO) over John Burnham (TALL) (MD 10-0)

·         160: Christian McCary (TALL) over Xander Shook (SHCO) (Fall)

·         170: Jake Debardelaben (TALL) over (SHCO) (For.)

·         182: Jesse Carter (SHCO) over Preston Tidwell (TALL) (MD 14-3)

·         195: Devin Stiff (TALL) over BRADLEY HORTON (SHCO) (Fall)

·         220: Keith Castleberry (SHCO) over Jude Rogers (TALL) (Fall)

·         285: TANNER STOGNER (SHCO) over Corbin Grover (TALL) (Fall)

Mask: “Both teams were very talented and have tremendous young men. I continue to be impressed with our guys because each match presents challenges whether it is injuries or sickness, someone different steps up and competes. This is what builds a team and helps young guys understand that they must always be prepared.’

Their preparation showed off in Monday’s nightcap against the host Patriots.

 Tallassee vs. Pike Road Results:

·         106: Rutland Phillips (TALL) over LUKE DICKINSON (PIKR) (Fall)

·         113: John Duncan (PIKR) over Mason Nelson (TALL) (Fall)

·         120: Brendan Emfinger (TALL) over (PIKR) (For.)

·         126: Bryant Hathcock (TALL) over (PIKR) (For.)

·         132: Land Bell (TALL) over William Duncan (PIKR) (Dec 3-2)

·         138: Jake Bryant (PIKR) over Russell Phillips (TALL) (Fall)

·         145: Ethan Jones (TALL) over Brandt Springer (PIKR) (Fall)

·         152: John Burnham (TALL) over MASON HUSSEY (PIKR) (Dec 2-1)

·         160: George Coley (PIKR) over Christian McCary (TALL) (Fall)

·         170: jake Debardelaben (TALL) over JACK BROWN (PIKR) (Fall)

·         182: Preston Tidwell (TALL) over (PIKR) (For.)

·         195: Devin Stiff (TALL) over (PIKR) (For.)

·         220: Jude Rogers (TALL) over (PIKR) (For.)

·         285: Micah Cole (TALL) over Brenden Arrington (PIKR) (Dec 6-0)

On Tuesday the Tigers were back in action, traveling to face St. James and Stanhope Elmore in a dual.

Mask: “Again, the team really had an amazing night.”

Tallassee vs. St. James Results: (Not Available)

Tallassee vs. Stanhope Elmore Results:

·         152: John Burnham (TALL) over John Clark (STEL) (Fall 1:09)

·         160: Kaden Peters (TALL) over Damarrion Barnes (STEL) (Fall 1:21)

·         170: Christian Rawls (STEL) over Marques Freeman (TALL) (Fall 5:13)

·         182: Caden Griffith (TALL) over Eduardo Roblero (STEL) (Fall 3:10)

·         195: Preston Tidwell (TALL) over Trent Bradford (STEL) (Fall 1:26)

·         220: Austin Gray (TALL) over (STEL) (For.)

·         285: Caleb Foster (STEL) over Corbin Grover (TALL) (Fall 3:02)

·         106: Rutland Phillips (TALL) over (STEL) (For.)

·         113: Mason Nelson (TALL) over (STEL) (For.)

·         120: Michael Barringer (STEL) over Mason Ledbetter (TALL) (Fall 3:46)

·         126: Bryant Hathcock (TALL) over (STEL) (For.)

·         132: Troupe Cresswell (TALL) over (STEL) (For.)

·         138: Land Bell (TALL) over Kristian Seals (STEL) (MD 14-4)

·         145: Russell Phillips (TALL) over Jose Roblero (STEL) (Fall 3:51)

Tallassee will wrap the 2021-2022 regular season Thursday against Reeltown and then focus shifts toward sectional and state.

Mask: “We are excited about senior night this Thursday and the opportunity to honor and spotlight our seven seniors who have given so much to the program and to Tallassee High. They have really excelled in the classroom and on the mat.”

Founder/Publisher of Central Alabama Scoreboard. Former sportsguy, managing editor, currently working for the City of Tallassee as a Public Information Specialist and grant writer.

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