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Respect the Trinity Grind

Story by Griffin Pritchard | Publisher

Photos by Trinity Presbyterian School

CENTRAL ALABAMA SCOREBOARD OFFICE — “This season has been about beauty and unity,” Blake Smith, Trinity Basketball Coach said. “Most teams are not destroyed from the outside … they are destroyed from within. What I witnessed were 14 young ladies who accepted their roles and genuinely had joy in the success of others.”

What he also witnessed was a unified group of Wildcats hanging on to defeat Clements in the final minutes to claim Trinity Presbyterian’s first girls’ basketball championship.

Smith: “They were committed to their craft. Girls would stay after practice and go to the gym on their off days. Creating beauty in this world is and these girls embraced the grind. Not only did they embrace it, but they were also joyful in the midst of the work.”

That joyful grind led to a 32-2 record and a handful of Wildcats on the 3A All-Tournament Team: Mya Moskowitz, Emma Kate Smith and Francie Morris. 

In the finale’s waning minutes, Smith pulled up from NBA range and pulled the trigger on a triple that was the final dagger in erasing an 8-point Clements lead. Trinity held on to win the 3A State Championship 52-48. 

For as much success as the big three for Trinity had unsung Wildcats were busy putting in work. midway through the season,  Smith: “Jayden Mitchel went down with a knee injury.  Jayden is a very talented player who is multidimensional.  She was 3rd team all-state her junior year.  Obviously, she was a pivotal piece to our aspirations of winning a state championship.  When Jayden went down we were not sure what to expect.  In comes 7th grader Lilly Smith.  In the regional final and the championship game, Lilly played her best games.  Averaging I believe 10 points and 9 rebounds.  Totally unphased by the pressure.  It was truly remarkable how poised she was on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. Not to be lost in this is the way Jayden contributed as an encourager and Player/coach after her injury. She was with us every step of the way.”

What does the future look like for Trinity? 

Smith has a great answer: The girls believe they can win. They now believe they belong. We have the commitment to be elite and to understand what a grind is to win a state championship.”

Smith ended the recap with a quick anecdote.

“They were in the gym the day after the championship game, ready for another run.”

Founder/Publisher of Central Alabama Scoreboard. Former sportsguy, and managing editor.

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